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Innovative Faucets

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There are few industries that don’t evolve through the years and produce innovative ideas that provide a solution to a problem. That is very much true when it comes to commercial faucets, so if you are considering upgrading your company’s bathrooms, it pays to talk to your commercial plumber to learn what is available. Here are three innovations that might convince you to make a change because of the benefits they afford.

Ask Your Commercial Plumber About Innovative Faucets

  • Motion-Activated Faucets- If you have spent any time outside of your business these days, you have probably come across motion-activated faucets in use. The ability to not only save water (and thus, money!), but also provide a more sanitary environment for your staff makes them something you should ask your commercial plumber to install.
  • High-Efficiency Faucets- While you can save water with a motion-activated faucet, you can go a step further with a high-efficiency one that has a low-flow rate. Water conservation is important for the benefit of our planet and your utility budget. Having your commercial plumber swap out your faucets for these models can have a considerable impact.
  • Bacteria-Killing- You can have a more sanitary environment with motion-activated faucets, but you can also get faucets that are made with an antimicrobial copper-alloy. This is a great idea for medical facilities, but can be beneficial in any office environment trying to minimize absenteeism due to illness.

If you would like to know more about these and other innovative faucets that can make a difference at your business, give us a call at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing – Hendersonville. You can speak with a commercial plumber to learn about options that will save you money in the long run and provide other functional benefits.