Plumbing Repair in Woodfin, North Carolina
If you are like most homeowners, you don’t have time to wait around on a professional plumber to come unclog a drain. Between getting your kids to school, working 9-to-5, and then going to extracurricular activities, a slow or clogged drain is not something you want to bother with. As you assess the situation (is it a slow drain, or a full clog), you decide on the next grocery store trip that you’ll just grab a bottle of liquid drain cleaner and do the job yourself. It will be fast, efficient, and keep you from having to schedule a plumbing repair appointment.

As you pour the recommended amount – okay, maybe a splash or two more – down the drain, you notice that the drain cleaner doesn’t really seem to be doing anything. Hmm, maybe it needs to sit for a while to really break down the clog. You close off the area, so the liquid drain cleaner can do its job.

A few hours later, you’re looking at the drain, and you’ve added hot water to try to flush things down. The hot water and the drain cleaner are just coming back up to the surface. Now, all those chemicals have been sitting in your sink forever, and you still have a clog! Now what? You should have just called for a plumbing repair appointment in the first place.

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing – Hendersonville, we know it’s tempting to want to do plumbing repair work on your own. While store-bought liquid drain cleaners can sometimes do the trick, they can be a part of the problem if you truly have a clogged drain. Our professionals can not only diagnose the plumbing repair problem correctly, but we’ll apply fast, efficient measure to restore your drains, so you can go on about your day. Give us a call today to experience the Benjamin Franklin Plumbing difference.