shower repairA shower that isn’t draining or working correctly is frustrating. You use this every day, and sometimes it’s tempting to try to deal with it instead of getting the help that you need to fix it. There are some problems that can escalate quickly or slowly cause extensive damage. You don’t want to put off a shower repair.

Listed below are issues that indicate you’re in need of a shower repair.

  • If your showerhead or tap has water constantly dripping, it could be the result of several different underlying causes. It could be a very simple fix. It’s better to have less water wasted, and to save yourself the utilities, than to put off having a plumber come to repair it.
  • If your shower is slow to drain, there are issues with the pipes that need to be fixed. You should never have water accumulating as you shower.
  • If water coming from the showerhead is a strange color, it could indicate that the inside of the pipes is starting to break down.
  • If the drain is clogged, it is best to have a plumber come evaluate it. Many commercial products can be damaging to your pipes, but we know what is safe and works best.
  • If the water pressure drops, you could have a leak in the pipes that needs to be fixed right away.
  • If your water does not heat up properly, it could indicate issues with your hot water heater.

Make sure to call a professional if you’re experiencing any of these warning signs. We are here to help you resolve even minor problems. In the end, it is most important that you protect your home from water damage by investing in adequate shower repair services.